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Posted by Olive Shogun on January 12, 2013 at 8:15 PM

What's crackin', people! This is GalladedOlive here. As you know, there are some videos up right now on my channel, and I want to be thanked for that. Some of the content that wil appear on my channel will possibly come from my old channel, which will shut down in the future. But new stuff will be making its debut, such as: Pokemon-Black Version 2 (which I now can't find the damn version on my computer for some fuckin' reason), Minecraft, Pixelmon, Pokemon Manly Pink, and the follow-up I'm updating currently: Pokemon Manly Pink 2. So, that's basically it for the updates. Try to smash those like and subscribe buttons, and see you with the next update (check out my vid while you're at it)!

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